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Gabbi Brondani

Starting a business is terrifying. It’s also incredibly exciting and rewarding if you pursue your passion. Trust me, I can attest to that. Having started urban espresso in April 2013, taking the leap into what seemed like the deepest darkest end of a swimming pool, I know all too well about the ups and downs of running a business. I’ve learnt lessons and have grown both personally and professionally in having started this baby all on my own. One of the biggest lessons you (need to) learn when starting (and running) a business is that change is inevitable, and your business will evolve and flourish in whatever direction you steer it in.

About 10 months ago I shared a story with you about how I was embarking on a journey with a bunch of amazing individuals, in the form of CN&CO. The blog post about day one of that journey was titled “it all started with a red speedo run”:

Initially it started with me joining the company as a partner who’d handle the PR department and run any and all PR for CN&CO clients and projects. During that time, urban espresso kept on with operations as normal, and our flag has proudly been flying (high) under the CN&CO banner. The growth and opportunities we’ve experienced have been nothing short of amazing, and the months to come look to be an adventure of note. No doubt with a fair share of ups and downs (as with all businesses) but looking at the team I’m working with at CN&CO, the ups will far surpass any bumps in the road.

As the months roll on, you might notice a little less of urban espresso, and a little more of CN&CO. But that’s good news! The CN&CO ship is every bit independent as urban espresso, and I will still personally be handling all PR for existing urban espresso clients and any new PR clients under the CN&CO banner – now with the support of a bigger team, resources and network.

It doesn’t mean the death of urban espresso. More just a “hiatus” (Jay Z style.)

This is the evolution bit I touched on in the beginning. Exciting, right?

It’s not “goodbye”, dear friends. More so “arrivederci” 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the adventure ahead both for urban espresso and myself personally, and hope you’ll continue on the journey with me. To keep tabs on the latest from my side, check in on every now and then – we produce some really cool content on the blog and share updates regularly.

Until next time – arrivederci,

Gabbi 🙂