King Price takes insurance branding to a whole new level

KP1King Price as a brand are not fans of the ordinary, run-of-the-mill marketing. We know it. We’ve seen it. And we love it.

They recently unveiled something seriously cool that they’re involved with. They teamed up with an international agency to get their King Price branding into popular electronic games.

According to the international agency, King Price is the first insurance brand to do in-game advertising. King Price has linked this to any Xbox and PlayStation that has an internet connection. The game can download branding and put it in spots that the game creators make available. It is not necessarily games that you play online against other players – the device simply needs to be able to connect to the internet for brands such as King Price to advertise there. If you play Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Guns and Robots, or Raceroom Racing Experience online, you will be able to see the branding in action.

Kudos to you, King Price!